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Delta City Administration
76 North 200 West
Delta, UT 84624-9440

435.864.2759 Main Offices
435.864.4945 Library
435.864.4313 Facsimile
435.864.7984 Animal Control



Resolution 2016-395 Pre Disaster Midigation Plan

Resolution 2016-394 Consolidated Fee Schedule

Resolution 2016-393 Residential Anti-Displacement and Relocation

Resolution 2016-392 Mayor Pro Tempore

Resolution 2016-391 Setting Compensasion and Salaries 2016

Resolution 2015-390 Compensation and Salaries 2016

Resolution 2015-387 Amend Budget FY2015-2016

Resolution 2015-386 Adopt Final Budget

Resolution 2015-385 Interlocal Cooperation Agreement

Resolution 2015-384 Compensation & Salaries FY2016

Resolution 2015-382 Compensation & Salaries FY2015

Resolution 2015-381 Mayor Pro Tempore FY2015

Resolution 2015-0616A Provision of Justice Court Services by Millard Justice Court

Resolution 2014-380 Adopting a Water Conservation Plan

Resolution 2014-379 Delivery of Culinary Water Sherwood Shores

Resolution 2014-378 Delta City's Review of Moderate Income Housing Plan

Resolution 2014-377 Compensation & Salary FY2015

Resolution 2014-376 Proclaiming Week of 06/30 to 07/06 Independent Week

Resolution 2014-375 Certain Fees Consolidated Fee Schedule

Resolution 2014-374 Final Budget Beginning July 1, 2014

Resolution 2014-373 Off Highway Vehicles

Resolution 2014-372 Amend Budget FY2013-2014

Reolution 2014-368 Consolitdated Fee Schedule 2014

Resolution 2014-367 Mayor Pro Tempore

Resolution 2013-366 Health Insurance Benefits for Retirees of Delta City

Resolution 2013-365 Canceling the Regular Municipal Election Nov 5, 2013

Resolution 2013-364 Honoring & Celebrating all Military Personnel and Families

Resolution 2013-363 Rates & Fees Sherwood Shores Area

Resolution 2013-362 Final Budget FY2013

Resolution 2013-361 Amend Budget FY2012-2013

Resolution 2013-359 Consolidated Fee 4/4/2013

Resolution 2013-358 Amend Budget FY2012-2013

Resolution 2013-357 Amending/Establishing Purchasing Polices & Procedures

Resolution 2013-356 Mayor Pro Tempore 2013

Resolution 2013-355 Consolitdated Fee Schedule 20130103

Resolution 2012-354 Moderate Income Housing Plan 12/20/2012

Resolution 2012-352 Parameter & Mater Res. Sherwood Water Project

Resolution 2012-351 Deed on Property for Cash Deposited to Municipality to Improve

Resolution 2012-350 Public Records Officer Oversee Compliance

Resolution 2012-349 Fee Schedule Rate Sewer System

Resolution 2012-348 Final Budget FY2012

Resolution 2012-347 Amend Budget FY2011-2012

Resolution 2012-346 Authorizing Issue of Bonds for Community Center

Resolution 2012-345 Rate Ditch Tax Users Fees & Irrigation Water Rental Fee

Resolution 2012-344 Interest Transfer for Issuance of Bonds Community Center Facilitites

Resolution 2012-343 Organization of Local Building Authority

Resolution 2012-342 Consolidated Fee Schedule

Resolution 2012-341 Mayor Pro Tempore

Resolution 2011-340 Consolidated Fee Schedule

Resolution 2011-339 Recertification of Delta City Municipal Justice Court

Resolution 2011-338 Final Budget FY2011

Resolution 2011-337 Amend Budget FY2011

Resolution 2011-336 Consolidated Fee Schedule

Resolution 2011-335 Appoint Justice Court Judges Pro Tempore

Resoluiton 2011-334 West Millard Mosquito Abatement Board Member

Resolution 2010-333 Final Budget FY2010

Resolution 2010-332 Amend Budget FY2009-2010

Resolution 2010-331 Interlocal Cooperation Act Agreement

Resoluiton 2010-330 Water Conservation Plan

Resolution 2009-329 Security Deposit Charge for Water

Resolution 2009-328 Late Charge and Shut Off Notice Charge Delinquent Disconnected Water Services

Resolution 2009-327 Final Budget FY2009

Resolution 2009-326 Amend Budget FY2008-2009

Resolution 2009-325 Entitled "Water System Fees"

Resolution 2009-324 Rate Schedule for Ditch Tax, User Fee, Irragation Water

Resolution 2008-323 Revising Monthly Service Charge Sewer System

Resoution 2008-323 Final Budget FY2008

Resolution 2008-321 Amend Budget FY2007-2008

Resolution 2008-320 Rate Schedule Ditch Tax Users Fees Irragation Rental Fee

Resolution 2007-319 Sewer Rates Designation of "Occupied Mobile Home Space"

Resolution 2007-318 Recertification for Delta City Municipal Justice Court

Resolution 2007-317 Bond Resolution

Resolution 2007-316 Final Budget FY2007

Resolution 2007-315 Amend Budget FY2006-2007

Resolution 2006-314 New License Fee Schedule

Resolution 2006-313 Bonds

Resolution 2006-312 City Master Annexation

Resolution 2006-311 Monthly Service Charges Water System

Resolution 2006-310 Monthly Service Charge Water

Resolution 2006-309 Final Budget FY2006

Resolution 2006-308 Amend Budget FY2005-2006

Resolution 2006-307 Amend FY2005-2006

Resolution 2006-306 Repealing Resolution NO. 04-288

Resolution 2006-305 Delta City Emergency Operations Plan

Resolution 2006-304b "City Council"

Resolution 2005-303 Amend White Sage Subdivision Plat

Resolution 2005-302 Transferring Funds fro the Water Capital Reserve to the General Fund

Resolution 2005-301 Amend Resolution 86-153

Resolution 2005-300 Adopt Final Budget FY2005

Resolution 2005-299 Filing Fee for Municipal Candidates

Resolution 2005-297 Amend Resolution 04-291 & 04-295

Resolution 2004-296 Transferring FUnds from Water Captal Reserve to General Fund

Resolution 2004-295 Amend Resolution 04-291 & Budget Adopted Amendments to FY2004-2005

Resolution 2004-294 Suppotying the Old Capital Arts & Living History Festival

Resolution 2004-293 Amending Section 1 of Resolution 96-239

Resolution 2004-292 Revising Water Overage Rates Water System

Resolution 2004-291 Adopt Final Budget FY2004

Resolution 2004-290 Adopting Water Conservation Plan

Resoltuion 2004-289 Amend Budget FY2003-2004

Resolution 2004-288 Repealing Resolution 03-283 Rate Ditch Tax Irriagation Water Rental Fees

Resoution 2003-287 Recertification for Municipal Justice Court

Resolution 2003-286 Council Transferring Funds from Sewer Caoital Reserve to General O&M

Resolution 2003-285 Monthly Water & Sewer Systems

Resolution 2003-284 Adopt FInal Budget FY2003

Resolution 2003-283 "Late Charges" New Fees

Resolution 2003-282 Amending Purchasing Policy & Procedures

Resolution 2003-281 Amend Budget FY2002-2003

Resolution 2002-280 Interlocal Cooperation Between Delta, Hicnkley, Deseret-Oasis

Resolution 2002-279 Adopt Final Budget FY2002

Resolution 2002-278 Amend Budget FY2001-2002

Resolution 2002-277 Charges for Ditch Tax Users Fees and Irrigation Water Rental Fees

Resolution 2001-276 Casualty Insurance or Benefits Provided by ULGT

Resolution 2001-275 Revising the Monthly Service Charges for Water & Sewer

Resoluiton 2001-274 Monthly Service Charges for use of Water

Resolution 2001-273 Final Budget FY2001

Resolution 2001-272 Amend Budget FY2000-2001

Resolution 2001-271 Amending 00-269 & 00-270

Resolution 2001-270 Amending 00-269

Resolution 2000-269 Transfer Existing Cable TV "Franchise"

Resolution 2000-268 Petition for Annexation (Droubay/Bunker Annexation)

Resolution 2000-267 Repealing 80-07, 80-45,81-39,82-67 & 83-86

Resolution 2000-266 Adopt Final Budget FY 2000

Resolution 2000-265 Amend FY 1999-2000 Budget

Resolution 2000-264 Approving Interlocal Agreement Millard County & Delta Inspections Services

Resolution 1999-264 Recertification of Municipal Justice Court

Resolution 1999-263 Amend FY 1999-2000 Budget

Resolution 1999-262 Adopt Budget FY 1999

Resolution 1999-261 Amendments FY1998-1999 Budget

Resolution 1999-260 Regulatng Use Streets, Sidewalks, Public Bldg. and Grounds

Resolution 1999-259 Amending City Purchasing Policy & Procedures

Resolution 1998-258 Amending 98-257 Conditionally Approving Cable Franchise

Resolution 1998-257 Conditionally Approving Transfer Cable TV Franchise

Resolution 1998-256 Adopt Final Budget FY1998

Resolution 1998-255 Amend FY1997-1998 Budget

Resolution 1998-254 NO RESOLUTION

Resolution 1998-253 Fee CONnection, Charges & Collection Procedures

Resolution 1998-252 Designate an Environmental Certifying Officer

Resolution 1998-251 Adopting Purchasing Policy & Procedures

Resolution 1997-250 Petition Annexation (Lovell/Turner)

Resolution 1997-249 Revising Monthly Service Charges Water System

Resolution 1997-248 Amending 96-242,96-245 & 97-246

Resolution 1997-247 Adopt FInal Budget FY1996-1997

Resolution 1997-246 Amend Budget FY1996-1997

Resolution 1997-245 Adopt FY1996-1997

Resolution 1996-244 Petition for ANnexation of Territory to the City, State of Utah

Resolution 1996-243 Amend & Adopt Budget FY1995-1996

Resolution 1996-242 Final Budget FY1996

Resolution 1996-241 Petition Annexation (North Delta)

Resolution 1996-240 Declaring Annexation Territory

Resolution 1996-239 Amend System Fee

Resolution 1996-238 Procedures for Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace

Resolution 1995-237 Establishing a Policy for Drug Alcohol-Free Workplace for Employees

Resolution 1995-236 Recertification of Municipal Justice Court

Resolution 1995-235 Amend Budget FY1994-1995

Resolution 1995-234 Revising Monthly Sercice Charges for Water & Sewer

Resolution 1995-233 Transferring Funds Water Capital Reserve

Resolution 1995-232 Adopt Final Budget FY1995

Resolution 1995-231 Interlocal Co-Operation Act Agreement

Resolution 1994-230 Borrowing Funds Water Capital Reserve

Resolution 1994-229 Authourizing Local Licensed Septic Haulers to Dump Sewage

Resolution 1994-228 Adopt Final FYBudget FY1994

Resolution 1994-227 Amend FY1994 Budget

Resolution 1994-226 Revising Monthly Charges for Sewer System

Resolution 1994-225 Revising Service Charges for Ditch Tax Users & Irragation

Resolution 1994-224 Authorizing Mayor to Protest on Behalf Challenging Application

Resolution 1994-223 Amend BUdget FY1993-1994

Resolution 1994-222 Establishing a Drug/Alcohol Policy for Delta City Employees

Resolution 1993-221 Drug Free Workplace Policy Statement Act

Resolution 1993-220 Used Oil Recycling Prog. Support

Resolution 1993-219 Revising Monthly Charges Water Sewer

Resolution 1993-218 Amend FY1992-1993 Budget

Resoluiton 1993-217 Adopt Budget FY1993-1994

Resolution 1993-216 Amendment to Airport Ground Station Site Lease Agreement GTE Airfone

Resolution 1993-215 Approving AMend Municipal Water Rights Agreement IPA/Delta City

Resolution 1992-214 Borrowing Funds from Water Capital Reserve Fund-Telephone System

Resolution 1992-213 On Call "Pager" Compensation

Resolution 1992-212 Final Budget FY1992-1993

Resolution 1992-211 Revenue Sharing Interlocal Agreement with Delta City

Resolution 1992-210 Establish Res. Ant Displacement & Relocation Assistance Plan-CDBG Funds

Resolution 1992-209 Establish Delta City Youth Council

Resolution 1992-208 Personnel Policy-Annual Leave

Resolution 1992-207 Amend Personnel Policy Clarifying Postions Exempt-Permanent Services

Resolution 1992-206 Declaring Certain Areas in A Dilapidated or Blight Condition CDBG

Resolution 1991-205 Increasing Travel Expenses for Delta City Business

Resolution 1991-204 Water Dedication Requirements

Resolution 1991-203 Granting Mayor to Counter Signature Checks

Resolution 1991-202 Repealing Delta City's Purchasing & Bidding Process Procedures Manuel

Resolution 1991-201 Recertification Municipal Justice Court Delta City

Resolution 1991-200 Acceptance of Revenue Sharing Proposal

Resolution 1991-199 Amend FY1990-1991

Resolution 1991-198 Adopt Final Budget FY1991-1992

Resolution 1991-197 Revising Monthly Services Charges Water Sewer

Resolution 1991-196 Approve a Contract Between with GTE Airforce INC.

Resolution 1991-195 Approving a Contract Between Del-Aero & Delta City Airport Lease

Resolution 1990-194 Revising ANnual User Fee Delta City & Library

Resolution 1990-193 Amend BUdget FY1989-1990

Resolution 1990-192  Authorizing Local Agreement for CDBG Funds-Public Restrooms

Resolution 1990-191 Adopt Final Budget FY1989-1990

Resolution 1990-190 Transfer Delta City LIbrary Fund Back to General Fund

Resolution 1990-189 1990 Ditch Tax User Fee & Irrigation Water Fee

Resolution 1989-188 Law Enforcement Service Agreement Millard County Delta City

Resolution 1989-187 Adopt Final Budget FY1988-1989

Resolution 1989-186 Incrasing Certified Tax Rate Library Fund

Resoluiton 1989-185 Revising Monthly Water Sewer Fees

Resolution 1989-184 Amend Budget FY1988-1989

Resolution  1989-183 Annexation of Territory Delta City (West Delta Annexation

Resolution 1989-182 Revising Service Charges for Ditch Tax Irrigation Fee

Resolution 1989-181 Authorizing Settlement fo Legal Action Against WAPA

Resolution 1989-180 Amendment to Impact Alleviation Agreement

Resolution 1988-179 440,000 Industrial Development Agreement

Resoluiton 1988-178 Adopting Disadvantaged & Minority Business Enterprise Prog. Airport

Resolution 1988-177 Industrial Revenue Bond (Zions Bank) 440,000

Resolution 1988-176 Amend Budget FY1987-1988

Resolution 1988-175 Borrowing Funds General Funds S.I.D

Resolution 1988-174 Adopt Final Budget FY1988-1989

Resolution 1987-173 Interlocal Agreement Delta City/West Millard Regional Park

Resolution 1987-172 Interlocal Agreement Delta City/West Millard Rec. Regional Park ( Corrections Made)

Resolution 1987-171 Interlocal Agreement Delta City/MCFS

Resolution 1987-170 Interlocal Agreement Dlta City/Utah Division Wild

Resolution 1987-169 Establishing Cost Delta City Employees Meals, Travel, Motel etc.

Resolution 1987-168 IRB Cedar Inn Zions Bank-Amendment to Finance Agreement & Supplement

Resolution 1987-167 Amend & Adopt FY1987-1988

Resolution 1987-166 Establishing Water Capital Reserve Fund

Resolution 1987-165 Increasing Certified Tax Rate from .0017 to.02808

Resolution 1987-164 Borrowing Funds Sewer Capital Reserve Fund

Resolution 1987-163 Establishing Capital Reserve Fund for Sewer Lines

Resoluiton 1987-162 Amend Budget FY1986-1987

Resolution 1987-161 Adopt Final Budget FY1987-1988

Resolution 1987-160 Transfer of Cable Franchise from Action to Insight

Resolution 1986-159 Authorizing Signing an Interlocal Agreement for Providing all Emergency Telepone Service

Resolution 1986-158 Revising Monthly Sewer Charges

Resolution 1986-157 Establishing Bldg., Plumbing Electrical Fees

Resolution 1986-156 Interlocal Act Agreement Between Millard County and Delta "Sandhill Roads"

Resolution 1986-155 Amend Final Budget FY1986-1987

Resolution 1986-154 Authorizing Conveyancer of Surplus Prperty from Delta City to IPP

Resolution 1986-153 Establishing Solid Waste Fee & Collection & Authorize Interlocal Cooperation Act Agreement

Resolution 1986-152 Approving Utah Municipal Fiance Cooperation Agreement

Resolution 1986-151 Amend Budget FY1985-1986

Resolution 1986-150 Establishing & Setting Real & Personal Property

Resolution 1986-149 Adopt Final Budget FY1985-1986

Resolution 1986-148 Personal Policy Manuel Adopting Work Period Grade Level Librarian

Resolution 1986-147 To Create & Become A Member of Utah Municipal Financing Cooperative Pooled Financing Prog.

Resolution 1986-146 Expressing Oppostion to Passage of HR 3838 Tax Reform Act of 1985

Resolution 1986-145 Adopting a Replacement Official Zoning Map

Resolution 1986-144 Suppotying the Cration of Great Basin National Park-Amended House Res.3302

Resoultion 1985-143 Acceptance of Deed Dedicating Water Rights from Derral Christensen Family Trust

Resolution 1985-142 Stipulation Between Hinckley Town & Delta City's Water RIghts Change App#A-11770

Resolution 1985-141 "Sugar Factory Row Annexation " & Approving Policy Declaration Amendment for Annexation

Resolution 1985-140 Identifying Capital Improvement Projects & Establishing Priority

Resolution 1985-139 Quilt Claim Deed Releasing Reversionary Interest to Property in Lot 2 Block 53

Resolution 1985-138 Declaring the Need for Millard County Housing Authorize Delta Senior Citizens Housing Project

Resolution 1985-137 Equipment Lease Agreement With Zions First Nat'l Canon Copier

Resolution 1985-136 Approving Sale & Purchase of Old Football Field Property Block 74 Millard School District

Resolution 1985-135 Agreement Between MCFD Delta City for Fire Protection Services

Resolution 1985-134 Approving Establishment of Millard County Fire Service District

Resolution 1985-133 Approving A Master Street Plan & a Comprehensive

Resolution 1985-132 Establishing & Setting FY1985-1986 Mill Levy & Personal Property Tax Levy

Resolution 1985-131 Approval to Petition for "Delta Airport Annexation"

Resolution 1985-130 Authorizing Issuance of Providing for the Sale of $81,000 Special ASssess Bonds S.I.D

Resolution 1985-129 Confirming the Sale 81,000 Special Assessment Bond

Resolution 1985-128 Adopt Final Budget FY1985-1986

Resolution 1985-127 See ORdinance 85-94 1

Resolution 1985-126 Authorizing Condemnation in BLock 64 $69 Plate A

Resolution 1985-125 Millard County & Delta City of Building Inspection Services

Resolution 1985-124 Release of Property in Block 11

Resolution 1985-123 Authorizing Condemn of Property in Block 64&*69 Delta Plate "A"

Resolution 1985-122 Approval of Interlocal Agreement Bldg. Inspector Services

Resolution 1985-121 Accepting Dedication from Mitch V. Myers of Properties White Sage Annexation

Resolution 1985-120 Accepting Dedicaiton from IPA of Real Preperty Local White Sage Annexation

Resolution 1985-119 Rex Day Annexation

Resolution 1985-118 Agreement Between IPA, Dlet CIty Repairs and Warranties White Sage

Resolution 1984-117 Amend Personal Policies Manuel

Resolution 1984-116

Resolution 1984-115 Acceptance White Sage Neighborhood Park

Resolution 1984-114 Agreement of Redistribution for Sales Tax

Resolution 1984-113 Acceptance White Sage Parks & Authorizing for Insurance

Resolution 1984-112 Setting Mill Levy FY1984-1985

Resolution 1984-111 Issuance $1.3 Million Bonds for Repairing Streets

Resolution 1984-110 Water & Sewer Connection Fees

Resolution 1984-109 Kennel & Impound Fee for Dogs

Resolution 1984-108 Water & Sewer Fees

Resolution 1984-107 Adopt Budget FY1984-1985

Resolution 1984-106 Issuance of INterim Warrant for S.I.D

Resolution 1984-105 Lease Agreement Amtrak Shelter Site

Resolution 1984-104 Amend Personal Policies Manuel to Change Payday for Employees

Resoltuion 1983-103 Amend Job Description Treasurer

Resolution 1983-102 Impact Alleviation Agreement & Change Order #1 Between Delta City & IPA

Resolution 1983-101 Impact Alleviation Agreement #47 Between IPA & Delta City

Resolution 1983-100 Construction of Fence by Southland Around 7-11 Store

Resolution 1983-099 Appointing Jim C. Allan as City Adminstrator

Resolution 1983-098 (SEe DUI Ordinance #83-65)

Resolution 1983-097 Create Special Improvement District

Resolution 1983-094 West Millard Hospital Support