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Is It Necessary For Me To Have A Business License?

A valid Delta City business license is required for all businesses that are located within the Delta City proper. A business license is the means whereby Delta City grants permission to engage in a business activity at a specific location within the City. The definition of business includes all kinds of vocations, occupations, professions, enterprises, establishments and all other kinds of activities and matters, whether full time or part time, together with all devices, machines, vehicles and appurtenances related thereto, any of which are conducted for private profit or benefit. A separate license shall be required for each type of business and for each place of business located within Delta City.

What Is The Purpose Of A Business License?

The purpose of a business license is to regulate and license businesses within Delta City proper; to determine if businesses are operating within applicable laws and ordinances; to maintain a safe environment for the general public; and to assure that zoning, building, and fire codes are enforced.

How Do I Acquire A Delta City Business License?

Obtaining a business license in Delta City begins by submitting a Business License Application. This application and any applicable fees must be submitted in person to the Delta City Offices at 76 N 200 W, Delta. The applications are listed below.

Business Licensing FAQs

Who Needs To Register Their Business?

All businesses in Utah are required by law to register with the Utah Department of Commerce either as a “DBA” (Doing Business As), corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership. In addition, certain types of businesses need special licenses and permits in order to operate, i.e., insurance agents, contractors, doctors and dry cleaners, etc. Businesses are also required to obtain a business license from the city or county in which they are located.

Why Is It That Businesses Required To Register?

Registration insures that the business name cannot be legally used by another business. The more you use the registered name and become known to the public by name, the more legal protection your name earns against "predatory encroachment" by other businesses. Registration is required so that a comprehensive state registry of all business and corporate information is available for public reference. This information is vital to an orderly legal system and marketplace. Without it, the public or other businesses may have no way of knowing the persons with whom they are doing business. In addition, registration is required by law to provide public notice as to who owns or stands behind a business entity. You cannot file a lawsuit in court as a business if your business is not registered. Registration enables careful business people to verify information about companies with whom they do business.

How Do I Go About Registering My Business Name?

You can register a business name through Utah’s OneStop Online Business Registration Website or Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code 160 East 300 South, 2nd Floor Salt Lake City, Utah 84145-0801 (801) 530-4849.

How Do I Acquire A Sales Tax License Number?

You can apply online through Utah's OneStop Online Business Registration website or the Utah State Tax Commission, .210 North 1950 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84134, 801-297-2200 or 800-662-4335.

Can I Operate A Business From My Home?

If your business meets the conditions outlined in the Delta City Municipal Code it could be approved. The application process, requirements, and expiration are the same as commercial business licenses.

When Does My License Expire?

All commercial and home based business licenses expire on December 31 of each calendar year.

How Do I Renew My License?

Renewal notices for the following year are mailed by the business license office prior to expiration.

What If My Business Changes Locations Within The Delta City Proper?

Business licenses are issued for a specific business address. Changes in address require an application for the new location.

What if My Business Closes Or Moves Out Of Delta City?

If your business Delta City status changes, please notify the Business Licensing Department.

Are Licenses Transferable?

A business license cannot be transferred from one person or business to another. A new license must be applied for when a change of ownership of the business takes place.


Commercial Business License Application

Home Occupation Business License Application

Solicitation License Application

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