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Delta, UT 84624-9440

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Title 15-222 of The Delta City Municipal Code states that "The library advisory board shall act a a citizens' advisory board to the operation and administration of the library facilities and programs. They shall make recommendations on the use of funds available to the library to purchase books and other materials that are consistent with the wishes of the community and to operate such programs as will promote better use of and operation of the library. They shall encourage participation by the public in library programs and in volunteer work at the library." Each member, with the exception of the City Council Representative on the board, is appointed to serve a for a term of three (3) years expiring at June 30 (or until their successors are appointed) of staggered years.

The City is grateful to these individuals for their service to our community.

The Library Advisory Board generally meets on the second Wednesday at 5:o0 p.m. in the evening during the months of January, March, June and October, within the Conference Room of the Delta City Library, in the Delta City Municipal Building located at 76 North 200 West (NE corner of 200 West Street and Main Street).

If you would like to discuss matters regarding our library that you would like them to bring to a meeting for discussion, please feel free to contact the Board Chair or our Library Director Deborah B. Greathouse.

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