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Delta City Administration
76 North 200 West
Delta, UT 84624-9440

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Delta City Municipal Code Title 12-4 created a Planning & Zoning Commission to be composed of eight members, one of which is a representative of the City Council, who are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council from among qualified electors of the City in a manner providing balance geographic, professional, neighborhood and community interest representation. This Title is intended for use and interpretation by the Commission Members in order to support the goals of the Delta City General Plan, protect and promote pubic safety, health and general welfare by providing adequate lighting, clean air, water and sewage control and fire protection, protect private property rights, promote coordinated development, redevelopment and effective use of land and site planning, encourage innovation in residential development and redevelopment that meets the growing demand for housing. To preserve the character and stability of neighborhoods and conserve property values by encouraging the most appropriate uses of land within zoning districts, prevent substandard development, waste, inefficient use of land and resources, and danger and congestion in travel and transportation, ensure equal access opportunities to the handicapped, foster convenient, compatible and efficient relationships among land use. Requires the provision of adequate off-street parking and loading facilities, promotes a safe, effective traffic circulation system, regulate and control the division of land, protect life and property in areas subject to floods and other natural disasters, to promote prosperity, peace and good order, comfort and aesthetics of the City and its present and future inhabitants and businesses, to protect the tax base and property values, secure economy in governmental expenditures and to protect the environment.

The Planning & Zoning Commission regularly meets on the second Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in the evening, within the Council Chambers of the Delta City Municipal Building located at 76 North 200 West (NE corner of 200 West Street and Main Street). Public hearings and or additional meetings may be scheduled by The Planning & Zoning Commission as they deem necessary to conduct the business before their panel. On the same note, meetings may be canceled if their is insufficient business to merit conducting a meeting of the panel.

Should you have business before the Planning & Zoning Commission, please feel free to contact the Delta City Offices and you will be directed accordingly.

Planning & Zoning Commission Roster

Planning & Zoning Commission Agendas & Minutes

City Code: Municipal Code

Zoning Code Pending Codification