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Delta City Administration
76 North 200 West
Delta, UT 84624-9440
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John W. Niles





435.864.3754 Home

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Currently serving in his first term as Mayor, after having been appointed to fulfill a council vacancy from 2008-2009, then elected to a two-year term from 2010-2011, he was re-elected for 2012-2015, and just concluded two years of his most recent four-tear term from 2016-2017 after having been elected to his current office. In his capacity as mayor, he is also the chief executive officer of Delta City.

Robert W. Banks

Council Member







Currently serving in his fourth consecutive term as a City Council Member. Terms from 2004-2007, 2008-2011, 2012-2015 and now from 2016-2019. Mr. Banks has also served 4 years as the Council Representative on the Planning Commission from 2006-2009. Mr. Banks has and continues to serve as a City Council Representative on the Library Advisory Board and has since 2007. He also is involved with celebrations, beautification, pars and streets departments. He also serves with each of his Council colleagues on economic development in the City. Mr. Banks is married and has five children, consisting of one son and four daughters. His wife, Karen, is a 4-H Educator for West Millard County at the Utah State University Extension Office in Delta. Mr. Banks' eldest daughter is Annalee Plumb. She resides in Cedar City with her husband Blake, who works as a computer technology technician at Southern Utah Univeristy. They have two young sons. His second child, Michael, is currently attending the University of Utah where he is majoring in computer science. He is married to Emma Nielson, who practices nursing in a rehabilitation facility. Next, is his daughter Emily, who attends Snow Colleage in Ephraim where she majors in business Utah State  Extension classes. Next is Alicia, who is graduating from Delta High School in the spring of 2013, and his youngest child is  Kassie, who will complete  her Delta Middle School coursework this year as well. Robert has been an educator for 27 years and he enjoys very much the youth and people of West Millard County with and for whom he interacts, teaches and works. He also coaches boys and girls tennis, which is a hobby he has been enjoying for 22 years. He also works fo the USDA APHIS PPQ in the summer, a job that he has been doing for 22 years as well. This job allows him to travel throughout southern Uah in about 12 different counties and surveys grasshoppers and mormon crickets, with the data retrieved and reported to an office in Salt Lake City. He views all of southern Uah as his home. As a conservative Republican, Mr. Banks has strived to keep a wary eye on taxes in Delta City, and to assess carefully the fiscal budget. He believes strongly in the widespread traditions that are unique in our community such as the 4th of July, the Snow Goose Festival, the awesome wrestling program at Delta High School, and the capabilities and competency of Delta City employees who work on behalf of the city and its interests. As a resident of Delta, he is proud to live here and raise his family in a place where the people are friendly, they have high ideals and standards, and people can enjoy a warm, rural setting for a model lifestyle. Robert considers it a great honor to serve the people of Delta City. Mr. Banks' council assignments are celebrations and civic events, water and sewer enterprises and also serving as the council representative on the library advisory board.

Brett C. Bunker

Council Member


1235 W Main St

Delta, UT 84624-8708

435.864.7815 Cellular


Kiley J. Chase

Council Member




Currently serving in his third term as a City Council Member, having first served from 2006-2009, 2014-2017 then elected for another four years from 2018-2021. Mr. Chase's council assignments include irrigation, and the water and sewer proprietary enterprises. He also works with his Council colleagues on economic development for the City.


Nicholas W. Killpack

Council Member



550 S 1000 W

Delta, UT 84624-7807



Currently serving in his first appointed term, from 2018 through 2019, Mr. Killpack is a Council liaison with our Library Advisory Board, as well as works with our City's Parks department. He also works with his Council colleagues on economic development issues in the City. Born to Roger and Barbara Killpack in Salt Lake City, I have been the benefactor of two parents with deep roots in West Millard County that have been active in local civic affairs.  From the time we moved home when I was four months old, Delta has been my home.  It is a point of great pride for me to say I’m from Delta and was educated in Millard County Schools.  After graduation from Delta High, I started my college education at Snow College before serving an LDS Mission.  I was called to the Venezuela Caracas Mission, where I served for 16 months before political issues forced the church to reassign all North American missionaries to other areas.  I finished my service in the California Roseville Mission. I have enjoyed both civic and religious service where I have been able to organize and direct activities to enrich the lives of those around me, gaining valuable experience, building treasured relationships, and growing personally in the process. Upon return from missionary service, I married Danielle Johnson of Sutherland.  Together we have made homes in Ephraim, Salt Lake, and now Delta as we pursued educational and professional goals.  Along the way we have been blessed with three children: Hudson, age 4; Danny age 2; and Judd born December 2017.  Our children are the focal point of our lives and living in Delta gives us the opportunity to give them the type of childhood we both enjoyed.



Betty Jo Western

Council Member


PO BOX 186/890 N 350 E

Delta, UT 84624-0186

435.864.3966 Home


Currently serving in her fourth term as a City Council Member from 2006-2009, 2010-2013, 2014-2017 and from 2018-2021. I love Delta and I can't think of a better place to live, raise a family, and enjoy all the benefits that a small town offers. I have lived in Millard County for over 30 years and I am proud to call it my "Home". I grew up in St. George and moved here in 1986 when I met and married my husband, Howard Western. We lived in Hinckley for 15 years. We have been blessed with three great children, Kamren, Kolby, and Kassidy. I began my career for Millard School District in August of 1988 as the Counselor’s secretary and have been there ever since.I transferred from the Counseling Center to teach at the Delta Technical Center in 2001 and currently teach Career Exploration/Economics, Web Development, Digital Media, 3D Graphics, and Animation, and serve as the Work-Based Learning Coordinator. I love learning and teaching others. I am a good listener, honest, hardworking, diligent, dedicated, and dependable. I went back to college and completed my Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Utah State University and minor in Sociology. I have served or are currently serving in the following capacities; EMT for Millard County for 23 years; AYSO President, Board, and Coach, 6 years; Fair Board, 15 years; Fair Director, 4 years; Hinckley Lions Club, 12 years; Delta City Council, 8 years; Delta Chamber of Commerce member, 10 Years; President of Classified Employees Union; CPR/First Aid Instructor - 12 Years; Various Church Leadership Positions, 30 years; Entrepreneur/Business Owner, 25 Years; Wife, 28 years and Mother, 26 Years. I have won several area awards including: Delta Area Giant, Teacher Up Award, and American Legion Auxiliary Service Award. I feel that the experiences that I have had in my life with work, school, and service has molded me into the person that I am today and I will be forever grateful for that and I want to give that to all Delta residents! Please feel free to call or email me anytime. I work for you, the people! Ms. Western's council assignments currently consist of celebrations, civic events, Council liaison to the Municipal Airport Advisory Board and also our Streets department. She also works with her Council colleagues on economic development issues in the City.


The powers of municipal government in a municipality operating under the six-member council form of government are vested in a council consisting of six members, one of which is a Mayor.

The Mayor in a municipality operating under a six-member council form of municipal government is, except in limited circumstances, a nonvoting member of the council. The Mayor votes as a voting member of the council on each matter for which there is a tie vote of the other council members present at a council meeting; or when the council is voting on whether to appoint or dismiss a municipal manager; or on an ordinance that enlarges or restricts the Mayor's powers, duties, or functions. The Mayor is the chair of the council and presides at all council meetings. The Mayor exercises ceremonial functions for the municipality such as ribbon cuttings and municipal appearances. The Mayor may not veto an ordinance, tax levy or appropriation passed by the council. The Mayor is the chief executive officer. This means that all employees of the municipality report to him or her. The Mayor, among other things, is required to keep the peace; enforce the laws of the municipality; and ensure that all applicable statutes and municipal ordinances and resolutions are faithfully executed and observed. The Mayor, with the council's advice and consent, can assign or appoint a member of the council to administer one or more departments of the municipality; and appoint a person to fill a municipal office. The powers and duties of the Mayor in a six member council form of government can be taken from the Mayor and given to either the council or hired administrators, such as a city manager or a city administrator by the adoption of an ordinance by the council. The vote on this ordinance must either be by the unanimous vote of the council or the ordinance must have the vote of a majority of the council and the Mayor. In the six-member council form of government the council is the legislative body of the city or town and exercises the legislative powers and performs the legislative duties and functions of the municipality. This is done by either ordinance or resolution as may be appropriate. The council in a municipality operating under a six-member council form of government: can exercise executive or administrative power that has not been given to the Mayor under state law, or has been given to the Mayor under state law, but has been delegated to the council by the Mayor. In addition the council can remove from the Mayor, by an appropriately passed ordinance, the Mayor’s executive and administrative power and give it to itself or to an appointed manager or administrator. The council may not remove any of the Mayor's legislative or judicial powers or ceremonial functions, the Mayor's position as chair of the council; or any ex officio position that the Mayor holds. An ordinance removing from or reinstating to the Mayor a power, duty, or function requires the affirmative vote of the Mayor and a majority of all other council members; or all council members except the Mayor.