Delta Skate Park

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Delta City Administration
76 North 200 West
Delta, UT 84624-9440
435.864.2759 Offices
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The Delta Skate Park is a major attraction for youth in our community. With a grand opening having been held back in November of 2004, it features a half pipe, pyramid, rails, stairs and ramps of varying heights. Many of the jumps have fencing to help protect the skaters. It is all placed on a smooth 120' x 140' foot cement pad. Rules for the park are posted and it is open from sunrise to sundown. Built particularly for our youth, it has been well used and maintained. The Skate Park is completely fenced and is near the Splash Park and within walking distance of the City Park and restrooms. Street-side parking is available and there are shady places for the adults to enjoy while watching.



Rules of Use

This facility was built for the enjoyment of our citizens. Please respect your park and help take care of it.

  • Open sun-up to sun-down only. Delta City reserves the right to change the hours of operation.
  • No loud music or offensive language or conduct. Be respectful of other park users and neighbors.
  • Skateboards, skates, and BMX-type bicycles only are allowed. All other bicycles, scooters or motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  • Alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, drug paraphernalia and glass containers are prohibited.
  • The use of protective gear is strongly recommended.
  • Please make sure surface is dry before skating.
  • Use the trash containers provided.
  • Spectators are to remain outside the skating area.
  • Persons are encouraged to immediately report any property damage or hazardous conditions to Delta City at 435.864.2759.
  • SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Delta City is not liable for any accident or injury to persons or property resulting from the use of this skate park (Utah Code 78-27-63).


In addition to penalties for city ordinance violations, Delta City reserves the right to revoke skate park privileges to individuals who do not obey these rules. Delta City also reserves the right to close the entire skate park in the event patrons fail to comply with the aforementioned rules.