R. J. Law Community Center

The vision of the R. J. Law Community Center began around the year 2004, and after the acquisition of property, architectural renderings, planning, design work, selecting a contractor, etc., the structure's construction began in the summer of the year 2013 and was finished by March of 2014. The project was significantly funded by grant money from the Utah Permanent Community Impact Fund Board (UPCIFB) along with a local funds component. The end result was a beautiful addition to Delta City's Main Street, located at 75 West Main Street (situated on the southeast corner of Main Street and 100 West Street) and more importantly a well-utilized facility for all of the Delta Area Citizens and other parties who have benefited from having this venue available to them.

Delta City Facilities Use Application - click here to download and print to remit.

The facility has five meeting rooms within it. These rooms are equipped with accordion doors which can be closed to separate them into individual rooms, or they can be opened or closed in a variety of ways to utilize as much space as you might need for your event. The two rooms on the west side of the hallway are the Delta and Rabbit rooms which are ideal for board meetings, depositions and the like.. These rooms have an individual capacity of 22 and 18 people, or a combined capacity of 46. The Delta Room contains kitchenette facilities consisting of some cabinets, a sink, microwave and a refrigerator.

Across the hall are the other three meeting rooms. They too are equipped with accordion partitions to make them into three separate rooms, or they can be opened up entirely into a significantly large space suitable for luncheons, banquets, concerts, pageants, award ceremonies, meet the candidate nights and even would facilitate a funeral if needed. These three rooms are known as the Aiken Room, the Melville Room and the Burtner Room. The capacity of each of these rooms is 49 people, or all combined can hold 188 individuals. A bit of trivia, Aiken, Melville and Burtner were the previous names of what is now known as Delta City.

Their is ample parking on the west and south sides of the facility with 120 parking stalls, of which 4 are designated for those with physical challenges, such as impaired ability to walk, health issues that limit ability to walk far, etc.

This City structure is also home to the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce who also serve to provide West Millard Tourism information.