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Delta's Christmas Kick-off

For the last many years, dating back to last 1995, and last held in 2015, Delta City has held its Christmas Light Parade in conjunction with Delta's Tree Festival which transpires in the Millard County Fair Exhibit Building on that same Saturday evening following the Thanksgiving holiday.  At the December 15, 2016 City Council meeting, it was briefly discussed as to whether bring back the light parade or not. The Council noted that there needed to be more participation of local businesses and suggested getting the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce involved, setting up a committee, and consideration of moving the event date.

Typically, we have been successful in arranging with Santa's North Pole administrative offices in order to schedule Santa Claus' appearance at the Delta City Municipal Building, however this coming Christmas Santa will be within the R. J. Law Delta Community Center in order to have him distribute sacks of candy for the children, which were specially packed by his elves at the North Pole. When Santa leaves the R. J. Law Community Center and returns to the North Pole to prepare for his evening visit to the fairgrounds, plan to go to the Millard County Fair Exhibit Building and see, all of the beautifully decorated artificial Christmas trees and participate in the auction. Numerous organizations and an even greater number of individuals use their creativity and enthusiasm to come up with theme-decorated Christmas trees who in turn donate them to the tree festival to be auctioned off to the highest bidders. All proceeds from the tree festival are given to the local Millard County Food Sharing program and the Sub-for-Santa program. Santa Claus visits with children within the Millard County Fair Exhibit Building where there is entertainment and refreshments available for the public.


Click here to register for the parade   Cash prizes for winners!!  Have fun

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Voting will be open to the public online and on Facebook during the parade.