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Delta City Administration
76 North 200 West
Delta, UT 84624-9440
435.864.2759 Offices
435.864.4945 Library
435.864.4313 Facsimile
435.864.7984 Anim Ctrl

The Millard School District serve the Delta area in addition to all other parts of Millard County. The Delta South Elementary School educates our pre-school through second-grade children. The Delta North Elementary School teaches grades third through fifth-grades, the Delta Middle School instructs grades sixth through eighth and finally, Delta High School instructs students in the ninth through twelfth grades. There are also several vocational skills and programs made available through the Delta Technical Center.

The district's academic calendar for 2016-2017 can be accessed here.

The district's academic calendar for 2017-2018 can be accessed here.

Millard School District

285 E 450 N
Delta, UT  84624-9109
435.864.1000 Office
435.864.5684 Facsimile

Delta South Elementary

450 S Center St
Delta, UT  84624-8534
435.864.5670 Office
435.864.5679 Facsimile

Delta North Elementary

55 N 100 E
Delta, UT  84624-9444
435.864.5680 Office
435.864.5689 Facsimile

Delta Middle School

251 E 300 N
Delta, UT  84624-8412
435.864.5660 Office
435.864.5669 Facsimile

Delta High School

10 W 300 N
Delta, UT  84624-8483
435.864.5610 Office
435.864.5619 Facsimile

Delta Technical Center

305 E 200 N
Delta, UT  84624-9452
435.864.5710 Office
435.864.5719 Facsimile