Utility Service Providers

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Delta City Administration
76 North 200 West
Delta, UT 84624-9440
435.864.2759 Offices
435.864.4945 Library
435.864.4313 Facsimile
435.864.7984 Anim Ctrl

Delta City's only utility services are a culinary water distribution system and a sewer system to break-down human waste. Electric, natural gas and land-line telephone services are provided by private-sector industry serving Delta and the West Millard County area.

Electricity Provider

Per Rocky Mountain Power, they "serve customers in Utah and Idaho as Utah Power. Wyoming customers were served by Pacific Power, though some had been served earlier under the Utah Power name. Utah Power dates back to 1881, when Salt Lake City became the fifth city in the world to have central station electricity. Known then as Utah Power & Light (UP&L), the company itself was formed in 1912 from several small electric companies in Utah, Idaho and western Colorado. In organizing dozens of small power companies, serving 130 small cities and towns, the new company supplied about 39,700 customers in 1912. In just 10 years, UP&L grew to serve 205 communities and 83,000 customers."

For customer service call toll-free to 888.221.7070, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To report a downed-power line or other electrical emergency, call 877.508.5088, this number is monitored 24 hours per day.

Natural Gas Provider

According to Questar Gas, they provide retail natural gas-distribution service to almost 900,000 customers in Utah, southwestern Wyoming and a small portion of southeastern Idaho. Questar Gas is regulated by the Public Service Commission of Utah and the Wyoming Public Service Commission.

For customer service call toll-free to 800.323.5517, or locally to 801.324.5111, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Mountain Time.

To report a gas leak or other emergency, call 800.767.1689, this number is monitored 24 hours per day.

Garbage Collection

The city does not have its own garbage collection as a municipal service. City residents pay a landfill fee to Millard County, which is billed on the city's utility bills for Delta City residents, and that fee provides for the citizen's right to haul garbage directly to the Millard County Landfill or to any garbage transfer station in Millard County by your own means of transportation. However, if you would like residential or commerical pick-up of garbage you can contact Delta Garbage Service, PO BOX 591, 616 W 100 N, Delta, UT, 84624-0591. Their telephone number is 435.864.2358.

Heating Oil and Propane Gas Providers

Area residents and businesses in need of propane or fuel oil can acquire such products from the following local businesses:

Heating Oil

Cardwell Distributing, Inc., 444 W 200 N, Delta, UT, 84624, 435.864.2371.

Propane Gas

Amerigas Propane Parts & Service, Inc., 650 N 100 W, Delta, UT, 84624, 435.864.3398.

Lake Philgas, 70 N 400 E, Delta, UT, 84624, 435.864.2525.

G & L Distributing, LLC, 1700 E 2700 S, Delta, UT, 84624, 435.864.2856.

Land-Line Telephone Provider

Frontier Communications indicates they are "the nation’s largest provider of communications services focused on rural America, offering Broadband, Phone, Satellite television, wireless Internet data access, PC security solutions and technical support, Internet-based television, carrier services, specialized bundles for small businesses and home offices, and advanced business communications for medium, large and commercial businesses in 27 states. Frontier’s 15,200 employees are 100 percent U.S.-based."

For customer service call toll-free to 800.921.8101, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.