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Invitation to Bid

Delta City will be accepting bids to tear off and reside the south and west sides of the airport hangar located at Delta Municipal Airport. Contractor will be responsible for supplying and installing all materials. Including metal siding to match opposite sides of the hangar approximately 4500sq ft, 1 martin garage door, cover 9 windows with a transparent sheeting, and what framing will need to be done to complete project. Bids will be accepted until 5:00 pm September 10, 2014. Delta city reserves the right to reject any and all bids. For more details call Delta City (435) 864-2759.


The Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015 has been passed by Resolution 14-374 on Thursday, June 19, 2014. A Public Hearing on the matter was held on Thursday, June 5, 2014.

Sewer Rate Increase Approved

As an element of the Fiscal 2014-2015 Final Budget for Delta City, the City Council passed an increase in our sewer system user fees, as illustrated in the modification of our Consolidated Fee Schedule dated June 19, 2014 via passage of Resolution No. 14-375. The base rate for a residential property will become $21.00 per month effective July 1, 2014. For the Sewer specific rates, please refer to the Sewer rate section beginning on the bottom of page 7 of the fee schedule through this link.

Amended Budget

Fiscal 2013-2014 Amended Budget - The Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2013-2014 originally passed by Resolution 13-362 on Thursday, June 20, 2013 was amended and approved by the City Council on Thursday, June 5, 2014. A Public Hearing on the matter was held on Thursday, May 15, 2014.

OHV Legislation Enacted

With much anticipation and excitement, as your mayor, I am pleased to announce that at our meeting on Thursday evening, June 19, 2014, your City Council adopted an ordinance and enacted a resolution designating all Delta City streets open for general off-highway vehicle use. This means that licensed (a current state registration sticker is affixed) off-highway vehicles ("OHV") may be operated within Delta City. For your benefit, the following is a summary of the primary provisions that all operators should be knowledgeable of:

1. All Delta City streets, roads or highways have been designated as approved off-highway routes, however, note this does not include state roads within Delta City, including Main Street (Highway 50) and Highway 6. State roads may be crossed, after coming to a complete stop, yielding the right of way, and crossing at a right angle.

2. No one under the age of 14 may operate an OHV within the City. Persons 14 and 15 years old may operate of OHV if: they possess an OHV certificate issued by the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation, and, if they are under the direct supervision of an adult who is at least 18 years of age.  

3. OHV operators over 16 must possess a valid driver's license. 

4. All state helmet laws apply including all riders under the age of 18 on a type I vehicle must be wearing properly-fitted USDOT approved headgear.

5. All other traffic and other safety laws and rules apply to OHV's. Including speed limits, right-of-ways, direction of travel, etc.

6. OHV must be equipped with at least one headlamp, tail lamp, and working brakes.

7. OHV's must have a manufacture-installed muffler and spark arrester. Noise emission may not exceed 99 decibels at a distance of 20 inches, and the muffler cannot be modified to increase motor noise. 

The City Council thoughtfully deliberated this issue and considered all public comment at a specially scheduled public hearing on the matter. In the end, it is the Council's hope that this new addition to the laws of Delta City will be a positive one; increasing recreation, tourism, and generally making Delta City an even greater destination to visit, live and work.

In now being allowed the privilege to operate OHV’s within our community, it is the City Council's sincere hope that this ability will not be abused. Further, that people will exercise common sense, be mindful and respectful of others. For example, if your OHV is particularly noisy, try to not ride through neighborhoods at late hours, follow posted speed limits, do not ride on private property without permission, that age restrictions are followed, and make sure that children are wearing helmets. Unfortunately it only requires a few people taking a privilege for granted before it is lost for all.

If you have additional questions, a complete copy of the Delta City Ordinance 14-260 and Resolution 14-373 are available at the Delta City Offices. More about the Utah Off-Highway Vehicle Act can be found at:   


Mayor Gayle Bunker and the Delta City Council 

Aircraft Fuel

100LL AVgas $5.50 USD per gallon.
Jet "A" Fuel $4.60 USD per gallon.



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