The next meeting will be on Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Delta City Municipal Complex Council Chambers.


To our existing business owners, and any entity considering starting or re-locating their business to our community, we are pleased to announce that all of Delta City proper, our entire incorporated area has received the designation as an Enterprise Zone through the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development. The Utah Enterprise Zone Program was established in 1988. An enterprise zone comprises an area identified by local elected and economic development officials and designated by the State of Utah. Under the program, certain types of businesses locating to, or expanding in a designated zone may claim Utah State income tax credits provided in the law. The purpose of these credits are to encourage investment in rural Utah businesses and to create jobs. An employee tax credit and a capital investment tax credit are available when certain provisions are met. We encourage you to take advantage of them where applicable. For more information, visit business.utah.gov/programs/incentives/enterprise-zones/.


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Delta, Utah, adopted a final budget for the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 at its regularly scheduled City Council Meeting on Thursday, June 15, 2017.  This budget is available for public inspection within the Delta City Recorder’s office at the Delta City Municipal Building located at 76 North 200 West, Delta, UT, 84624-9440, during normal business hours, Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

It can also be viewed electronically by following this link.

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Aviation Gasoline
(100 Octane Low-Lead)
$4.35 USD per US gallon (3.79 L).

Aviation Turbine Fuel (Jet "A")
$2.98 USD per US gallon (3.79 L).

Does not contain a fuel system icing inhibitor, a.k.a., prist.